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6ix9ine In Hospital After Being Kidnapped And Robbed

6ix9ine In Hospital After Being Kidnapped And Robbed

6ix9ine has been hospitalised after being kidnapped and robbed on Sunday morning after heading home from working on a music video in Brooklyn. The original reports differ greatly from Tekashi's statement, so there is much speculation regarding the events. 

According to the original report...

Tekashi69 was driving home around 4 a.m, and after arriving another car pulled up, blocking his driveway. Three gunmen wearing hoods got out of the car, pistol-whipped Tekashi and left him unconscious. The original report says that the first thing he remembers is waking up in the back seat of the car with the gunmen demanding cash and jewellery. They reportedly took Tekashi back home and two of them went inside with him to take approximately $750k in jewelrjewellery15k and $20k in cash.

From there, the robbers took 6ix9ine again but he managed to open the car door and jump out, running until he jumped into a stranger's car and asked for help. He was then taken to the hospital after 911 was called. 

According to 6ix9ine himself...

Law enforcement has confirmed that Tekashi has said he was a passenger in a car at an intersection in Brooklyn on Sunday morning, sitting at a red light when a car hit his vehicle from behind and two gunmen jumped out, stole the driver's iPhone, took Tekashi into their car and drove him to his own. 69 then called someone inside and asked them to come outside with his jewellery which they did. He managed to escape via unknown means and checked himself into the hospital. 


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Stay tuned for more info as we get it.

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