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A Closer Look At Nana Judy's 'Moment' Collection

A Closer Look At Nana Judy's 'Moment' Collection

Nana Judy are definitely one of Culture Kings' most underrated brands. Their cuts and designs scream superiority as they combine textures and details to turn the simplistic into the exceptional.

Nana Judy tees often feature washed out fabrics, extended hems and panelling for consistent, yet uniquely detailed pieces.

Nana Judy

Their range of outerwear pieces are texturized and original and come in a range of understated colours but have standout features that make them a statement piece in their own right.

Nana Judy

Nana Judy also finish it off with a few killer jeans in their collection offering a staple pair of jeans that are both refined and edgy.

Nana Judy

The 'Moment' collection is all about living in the moment. This collection marks a decade of Nana Judy and shows their evolution as they continue to create fashion-forward, contemporary streetwear.

Check out the whole Nana Judy 'Moment' collection online and in stores now at Culture Kings.

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