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Akon To Launch Akoin: His Own Crypotocurrency

Akon To Launch Akoin: His Own Crypotocurrency

When you think of Akon, you're probably only thinking about his early 2000s bangers. However, this isn't all the man can do, as he has announced the launch of his own cryptocurrency dubbed 'Akoin'.

This project is to help his 'Lighting Africa' initiative, which will improve the country’s living conditions through the use of renewable energy.

During a panel at Cannes Lions 2018, Akon said: “I think that blockchain and crypto could be the savior for Africa in many ways because it brings the power back to the people and brings the security back into the currency system and also allows the people to utilize it in ways where they can advance themselves and not allow government to do those things that are keeping them down."

Akon plans a "100 percent crypto-based city” on 2,000 acres of land provided by the Senegalese President. The project will involve “leading Smart City planning designs with a blank canvas for cryptonizing our daily human and business exchanges, towards inventing a radical new way of existence.”

When it come to the technicalities of these claims, Akon said “I come with the concepts and let the geeks figure it out.”


 At the end of the day, I'm still trying to put it together in my head that a new cryptocurrency has been invented by this guy. 


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