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An Official Video For Lil Peep's 'I've Been Waiting' Has Dropped

An Official Video For Lil Peep's 'I've Been Waiting' Has Dropped

Back in January, ILoveMakonnen dropped a previously-unreleased Lil Peep collaboration known titled 'I’ve Been Waiting' which featured contributions from one of Peep’s all-time favourite bands, Fall Out Boy. Now, thanks to visual artist and designer Sus Boy, an official video for the track has emerged.

“Peep wanted this video to bring people up into the clouds, into the fantastical world of his mind,” Sus Boy said. “Making it now, alongside Makonnen, is our way of visiting him again.”

“This video is a magical one,” Liza Womack, Lil Peep’s mother said on Instagram. “Gus and Makonnen came up with the idea for it two years ago. I’m so glad the idea has been realized. You will see the subtle presence of Gus in it, if you look closely. Well done, guys!”

“All the songs that Peep and I have worked on are special to me. I knew adding his heroes Fall Out Boy to ‘I’ve Been Waiting,’ would be a tribute to my friend and collaborator that I could feel proud of,” iLoveMakonnen said in a press release in January. “When I called Pete [Wentz] he immediately said yes, and it came together very quickly. I’m really excited to share this with the fans.”

Press play on the new visual!

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