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Saint Morta Add Onyx Ring To Jewellery Collection

Saint Morta Add Onyx Ring To Jewellery Collection

Adding to Saint Morta's brand new range of jewellery is the Onyx Ring.

This is a flat top ring in gold with a black insert as the main focal point.

Although this might just looks like a square black and gold ring, there are a few little details to draw your attention and make it much more than that. 

Looking past the square black feature, you will see the signature Saint Morta logo engraving on either side of the ring.

Saint Morta Onyx Ring

Another detail to look out for is more Saint Morta branding engraved on the inside of the band. 

It is also important to note that all Saint Morta rings are in US sizing but this can vary from ring to ring.

Made from stainless steel for long-lasting wear, the Saint Morta Onyx ring finishes off your accessory game on a high note.

Add a Saint Morta Onyx Ring to your accessory collection now by shopping online or in stores now. 

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