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Ben Simmons Says The Goal Is To Smash The Celtics

Ben Simmons Says The Goal Is To Smash The Celtics

Homegrown hero and Rookie of the Year Ben Simmons has said to Sporting News that their goal for the upcoming 2018/19 season is to take down the Boston Celtics. "We've got to get past Boston, those are the guys at the top right now," Simmons said. "Beating them, that's our next goal. Obviously getting further than the second round and winning the Eastern Conference Finals and then moving on to the Finals."

"I knocked off one of those [Rookie of the Year], the next one is MVP."

The 76ers and Celtics are set to open the season come October 16th. 

In this year's NBA postseason during the second round of the Eastern Conference playoffs, the Celtics and 76ers went head to head for a highly entertaining competition. Fans are desperate to see what the teams have in store this season. 

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