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Don't Miss This Bigger-Than-Boxing-Day Boujee Bathrobe Offer

Don't Miss This Bigger-Than-Boxing-Day Boujee Bathrobe Offer

Welcome to the bigger-than-boxing-day bathrobe deal of the century. Spend $300 or more at Culture Kings, online and in stores now, for your chance to enjoy all the luxury of the Culture Kings official Not-For-Sale Boujee Bathrobe.

Dripping in luxury and all things opulence, the CK NFS Boujee Bathrobe has you covered with high-quality 400-gram velour fabric offering a thick, heavy and lush bathrobe. Featuring a Culture Kings’ embroidery logo on the chest, the Boujee Bathrobe also has 'Culture Kings’ embroidery on the double-lined hood.

With satin-trim lining on every edge, the CK NFS Boujee Robe is an exclusive, high-class collector's piece. As seen on hip-hop mogul Nas and UFC champion Jon Jones, the Boujee Robe upholds the highest quality materials to get you through the winter feeling like a King.

With every $300 spent in stores and online, you will not only become the proud owner of a Boujee Bathrobe, you will also be gifted with the matching CK NFS Slippers. Made from a velour construction, the CK Slippers also feature an anti-slip dotted sole so you can wear them anywhere, anytime. Finished off with the finest Culture Kings’ logo embroidery on the upper, the CK NFS slippers complete the Boujee Robe ensemble.

Shop online and in stores at Culture Kings now to earn yourself a Boujee Bathrobe and CK Slippers when you spend $300 or more.

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