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Brisbane Went Crazy For Kid Ink

Brisbane Went Crazy For Kid Ink

Brisbane marked Kid Ink's last Culture Kings appearance and also the end of the CK Holy Grail Tour.

People had been lining up outside the store since 5am that morning to catch a glimpse of Kid Ink.

He limped in half way through the #ExtraGravy lifestream - an injury he sustained the night before on stage at his show in Melbourne - and the crowd of people outside the store went wild.

Kid Ink

Despite having been to two Culture Kings' appearances in the days leading up to this, Kid Ink still took the time to get photos with all his fans.

He also checked out some of the latest kids apparel and took home a pair of adidas Originals EQT Supports for his little girl, Aislin.

Kid Ink

Before leaving the store and heading off to his show in Brisbane, Kid Ink took a few snaps and videos on his own Instagram.

Catch up on everything that happened on the CK Holy Grail Tour on the #ExtraGravy lifestream videos.

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