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Butler Is "Very Excited" To Be A 76er

Butler Is "Very Excited" To Be A 76er

Jimmy Butler has finally made the trade to the Philadelphia 76ers and has made it clear that he couldn't be happier in his new home.ย 

"When guys go out there and they know how to play basketball, which everybody on this roster does, it's all going to fall into place," Butler said at his introductory news conference on Tuesday. "I don't think that anybody is going to step on anybody's toes. I think everybody still has the same job to do, and everybody's expected to be the same player that they've always been. That's why I think it's going to be successful."

Butler is expected to debut with the Sixers on Wednesday at Orlando. He added, "I don't think I'm a bad teammate, but people get whatever they want to say out. I think I'm an incredible human being, teammate, and I will show that to the guys here."

Butler said he was "very excited" to start playing with Philadelphia, especially now there is a 'Big Three' with him, Simmons and Embiid. "I like the sound of it," he said, his goal being to "Obviously win a championship. That's why we play, why they play. Why they did what they did."

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