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Carré Conquer Accessories With New Voyageurs Backpack

Carré Conquer Accessories With New Voyageurs Backpack

Initially famous for their innovative fits of t-shirts, Carré have quickly expanded into bottoms, accessories and now backpacks. 

Carré is a Parisian streetwear powerhouse specializing in high-end street style. 

Their brand new Carré Voyageurs Backpack comes in four colours: stone, black, navy and grey and features a camouflage print lining. 

Carré backpack

The primary feature of this backpack is its built in power pack allowing you to charge your phone on the go. The 10,000mAh power pack can hold over five full phone charges before needing to be reconnected to a power supply. The charging port sits on the outside of the bag so you don't have to deal with any hanging cords getting in the way. 

Carré backpack

In true Carré style, every detail has been carefully considered; from the branded zips to the de-bossed leather patch and pip tag. 

Carré backpack

Underneath the front facing pocket reads the quote "a revolution can be neither made nor stopped" by Napoleon Bonaparte, a French general, first consul and emperor of the French, adding further value and meaning to the construction but also aligning consistently with Carré's message and designs.  

Carré backpack

The Carré Voyageurs Backpack is designed with high quality materials and design as the first priority but has also managed to seamlessly incorporate practical features to create a stylish and functional backpack.

Carré backpack

Carré Voyageurs Backpack is available in Culture Kings stores now.

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