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Everything You Need To Know About Culture Kings Tokens

Everything You Need To Know About Culture Kings Tokens

Culture Kings tokens can be used to play the CK Holy Grail Machine, Sharp Shooter or even to meet your favourite artists and celebs, but do you know what they are? No worries - we're going to lay out all the info you need on our CK Tokens. 

Whenever you spend over $100 in any Culture Kings store you receive a gold CK Token. This small gold coin can be used for a variety of different activities such as:

In-Store Appearances

Here at Culture Kings we are renowned for our in-store appearances and meet & greet such as Kehlani or Aminé, and usually these events are first come, first serve. However, we give those you have a CK Token access to the VIP line and a more guaranteed chance of meeting your idol.  

CK Holy Grail

A CK Token gives you a free play on the CK Holy Grail machine located in all CK stores where you can play to win by aiming the key into the keyhole on your choice of prize and landing it straight in the ‘kisser’. The CK Holy Grail machine can win you some of the rarest sneakers ever released including Yeezys, Supreme Jordans and more. The machine also gives out official Not For Sale Culture Kings' merchandise and special releases. 

CK Holy Grail

CK Sharp Shooter

Culture Kings Pacific Fair or Melbourne are home to the CK Sharp Shooter Challenge! Both Culture Kings stores feature an in-store, custom-made basketball court complete with an 18-k gold net - if you sink 10 shots in a show you win exclusive sneakers and NFS merch. To enter this competition you need five CK Tokens. 

Head to your local Culture Kings now to cop your very own CK Token and use it to get some really dope stuff!


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