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Cross Colours Makes A Comeback

Cross Colours Makes A Comeback

Cross Colours is that brand you saw everywhere in the 90s - I mean, everywhere! From Will Smith, to TLC, to Muhammad Ali, Cross Colours made its mark with bright, colourful, cut-and-sew pieces that built a legacy.

Cross Colours LA

The real legend of Cross Colours, however, is the brand's origin. Founded by Carl Jones and TJ Walker in 1989, Cross Colours was built on a single message: Clothing Without Prejudice. 

Cross Colours LA

This message of unity, equality and empowerment is as relevant today as it was then and is now reaching a whole new generation as it emerges into modern streetwear.

Cross Colours LA

Cross Colours was seen on all kinds of celebrities including Will Smith, TLC, Muhammad Ali and more back in the day and has come back on the likes of Cardi B, Bruno Mars, Rihanna, Drake and even Diplo.

Cross Colours LA

A new range of Cross Colours including throwback printed tees, iconic tracksuits and colourful headwear is set to drop at Culture Kings this Saturday.

Cross Colours LA

Sign up on the CK Release Page now so you don't miss out on copping this drop of Cross Colours at Culture Kings this Saturday at 9am AEST.

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