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Culture Kings Streetball 2018

Culture Kings Streetball 2018

Saturday saw our annual Culture Kings Streetball competition go down at Pacific Fair. The day was filled with some wicked basketball, insane prizes and sweet tunes. 

Streetball Culture Kings

We started the day with 16 teams entering the elimination 3-on-3 contest, which progressed through to quarterfinals, semifinals and finals. Our teams were 'Trust The Process', 'Ballerz', 'Brissy Boiis', 'Estland', 'Jethrow', 'The Underdogs', 'Bucketz', 'Da Boys', 'The Unknown', 'AMPM', 'Saints', 'Full Clip', 'Sting Kings', 'C-Bar', 'Notch' and 'Chad's Team'. Making it through to the semifinals were 'Estland' v 'The Underdogs' and 'The Unkown' v 'Notch'. 

Streetball Culture Kings

The finals saw teams 'The Underdogs' and 'The Unknown' play into overtime for 'The Underdogs', all ages 21 and under, to secure the victory. Players Jalen, Tobias, Jack and Levi were the winners of a:

  • $1,000 Mitchell & Ness voucher
  • Spalding pack valued at $900
  • $2,000 CK voucher
  • $1,500 Hennessy nightclub voucher
  • 6 cases of Redbull

Streetball Culture Kings

3-on-3 Competition Winners

Streetball Culture Kings

3-on-3 Competition Runners Up

As well as the 3-on-3 competition, Pacific Fair store held the Sharp Shooter championship, and there was also the 3-point comp and the Slam Dunk comp. 

The day was full of hype with the DJ blasting bangers and a huge crowd of hundreds watching the finals go down.

The Slam Dunk winner took home a $500 ASN pack, $1,000 CK voucher and a $500 Dead Studios voucher, and the 3-Point winner copped a $500 ASN pack, a $300 Hennessy nightclub voucher and a $500 Dead Studios voucher. The winner of the in-store Sharp Shooter Championship went home with a $1,000 CK NFS Pack and a pair of Yeezys. 

Streetball Culture Kings

Slam Dunk Competition Winner

Streetball Culture Kings

3-Point Competition Winner

Streetball Culture Kings 

Make sure you're keeping up with Culture Kings Stores to get the lowdown on events like this as they're announced. 


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