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Deadpool 2: What We Know So Far

Deadpool 2: What We Know So Far

We're willing to bet that you've seen 'Deadpool 2' posters all around the place and we hope they're getting you as excited as we are for the upcoming movie. 'Deadpool 2' will drop in Australia on the 16th of May which is only next Wednesday. To celebrate the sequel of one of the coolest superhero movies of all time, let' recap everything we know about this movie so far. 

Ryan Reynolds is coming back as our favourite swearing hero, as well as the actors for Vanessa, Weasel, Colossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Dopinder the cab driver. We're not sure yet if Vanessa is going to be introduced as her character's superhero identity - Copycat. 

Nathan Summers is going to be playing Cable, the new villain for the sequel. Cable is the son of Cyclops and was sent to the future and trained to become a superpowered, gun-toting soldier, with the purpose of returning to present day and preventing the apocalyptic future from ever happening.

The screenwriters said; "So with Cable, he’s got such a convoluted past, and such a convoluted origin story that I think we’re going to try to leave that, not mysterious, but there are a lot of twists and turns, cloning and all this stuff where you go, ‘Oh my God. How do we get that across in a two-hour movie?’ I think we’re going to distill him down to his essence. It will be authentic and faithful, but it’s not going to include the 18,000 details if you were going to read a Wikipedia page about Cable you’d roll your eyes."

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Domino - the mercenary mutant with probability-altering powers - is going to be closely tied to Cable in this sequel and is played by Zazie Beetz. 

The director of 'Deadpool' Tim Miller originally signed up for the second film, however has left after creative differences with Reynolds. 

Theories are circulating that 'Deadpool 2' will also be a setup for 'X-Force' which will be a team consisting of Deadpool, Shaterstar, Domino, Cable, Sunspot and Feral. A co-writer of the movie has denied this theory but you can't 100% be sure considering Reynolds is supposedly co-writing 'X-Force'. 

The film will most probably be rated R considering 'Deadpool' was the highest grossing 'R-rated' film of all time, however, this has not been confirmed as yet. 

Check out the three 'Deadpool 2' trailers below while you wait for the film to drop next week! 



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