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Denim Breakdown: Find Your Fit

Denim Breakdown: Find Your Fit

Culture Kings are launching their long-awaited denim campaign aimed to help you find the perfect jean every time. 

Find Your Fit is exactly what it says it is: a denim programme designed to help you find your fit. 

To help you do this, Culture Kings have categorized all their denim jeans into four different fits: super skinny, skinny, slim and relaxed.

By grouping these styles, it not only makes it easier to tell each jean apart in store but also helps you to understand what fit suits you and how to style it. 

Super Skinny
The sprayed-on jean look is becoming more popular and more versatile and is only achievable as stretchier denims are explored. Super skinny jeans provide that spray-on look with an extra firm fit at the hips and thighs that continues right down to the ankles.

It’s the super stretchy denims that allow for this skinny fit to hug the legs while also being comfortable and wearable.

Always ensure to style the super skinny jean with a regular to loose fit, longline tee to balance the look. Super skinny jeans go great with boots and oversized outerwear.

Although looser fits of jeans are making a comeback, the skinny jean is here to stay and has become a denim wardrobe staple.

Skinny jeans have a slim fit through the hips and thighs and taper down through the knees and ankles for a firm and comfortable fit. They’re for those who like a snug fit but with a little room to move.

Roll, cuff or just wear it straight, a good skinny jean can be dressed up or down and will go well with high or low cut shoes.


Slim fit jeans are for those that want to keep it slim but not too skinny so there’s plenty of room to move. Looser through the leg than a pair of skinny jeans, slim fit jeans are ideal for everyday wear.

The comfortable and durable build of the slim fit jean combines relaxed jeans and skinny jeans for a slim fit at the hips and straight down through the leg.

Slim jeans are best worn rolled at the ankle above a pair of high cut converses or low cut running shoes.


The dad jean has seen a reluctant comeback with more jean fit options becoming available for men and the relaxed fit jean becoming more acceptable. Stemming from the straight-leg dad jean we all know we love is the new and improved relaxed fit jean.

Relaxed jeans have a looser fit through the hips and seat and continue with a wide, straight leg often cropped or rolled above the ankles.

Relaxed jeans are best styled with long socks and go well with a beat-up pair of Vans or a crisp pair of 90s-inspired all-white sneakers.


Check out all Culture Kings' denim and Find Your Fit online now. 

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