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Diplo vs. Zedd

Diplo vs. Zedd

Diplo, everyone's favourite Twitter user cross DJ, is responsible for bangers such as 'Where Are Ü Now' with Justin Bieber, he is part of Major Lazer, and he's also known for teaming up with Mark Ronson for 'Only Can Get Better' as Silk City. It seems that Diplo can't play nice with the other DJs out there, as what started as some stupid beef in 2015 with fellow DJ Zedd went full on Pusha T vs. Drake last night. 

Zedd is best known for 'Clarity' and 'Break Free' with Ariana Grande. Apparently, Diplo didn't like his album 'True Colours' and said so. 

Diplo Twitter

Fast forward to last night, when the pair included Moldovan DJ Max Vangeli in their beef. To be more accurate, he included himself over a show in Hong Kong. 


What is even going on anymore? We're sure this won't be the last of this, so stay tuned.

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