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Draymond Green Wants Defensive Player Of The Year

Draymond Green Wants Defensive Player Of The Year

After the Warrior's 131-121 win over the Pelicans, Draymond made it clear that he wants the title of Defensive Player of the Year, and he wants it BAD.

"I need [the DPOY]," Green said after the game. "I need that bad. Real bad. I made second team all-defense last year. I'm pissed about that still. I'll be pissed until I right that, so that's a serious goal of mine this year. And I'm on it every night."  

When asked if he thought about the fact that he got snubbed for the title in 2017, he answered: "Absolutely. I'm pissed. Second-team All-Defense, that's disrespectful."

The title is voted on by the media, and if won it means that Green would be eligible for a five-year, $235 million super max starting in 2020. 

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