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Drizzy's Lyrics Are Being Auctioned Off

Drizzy's Lyrics Are Being Auctioned Off

Drake dropped his project ‘Room for Improvement’ when he was still acting in ‘Degrassi: The Next Generation’, who recently reunited for the MV of ‘I’m Upset’. The notebook that had Drake’s handwritten lyrics for ‘Room for Improvement’ is now available for auction.

The notebook contains songs such as ‘Try Harder’, ‘Special’, ‘Do What You Do’ and ‘A Scorpio’s Mind’. There are other songs that didn’t end up on ‘Room for Improvement’, such as  ‘Grind Freestyle’, ‘Military Brat Freestyle’ and ‘Light That Fire’. These songs have been claimed as Nickelus F’s as he tweeted after Complex published the news that the notebook was up for sale that ‘Military Brat Freestyle’ and ‘Grind Freestyle’ are his and ‘Light That Fire’ was the basis for ‘Am 2 PM’ on ‘Room for Improvement’.





In an interview with Complex, he said that "Yea I mean I just found the Military Brat freestyle and Light That Fire lyrics being in there interesting because those were my songs.  Now, Light That Fire was a song I had did and sent him to listen to and he ended up returning it to me months with a verse and new hook and it became AM2PM. So it’s probably his verse that he has written in there," Nickelus F told Complex. "The Military Brat he never got on.  As for the other records the Grinding Freestyle was a joint of mine that I sent him where I did a quick lil freestyle over the MF DOOM Accordion beat and about a year later he sent me that joint back with a verse on it dumbing out."

"A Scorpios Mind is a joint he sent me to hop on, which came out.  I worked with him on City is Mine and Do What You Do Too but when the official version of Do What You Do dropped my verse had been taken off.  But all and all that’s a dope piece of history they have there! He was hungry and really wanted it back then."

The notebook’s bidding price begins at $8,000 USD, ending on June 28.

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