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Earn Yourself A Free Carré Voyageurs Backpack

Earn Yourself A Free Carré Voyageurs Backpack

As part of Culture Kings' Mayhem sales running this week, you can now cop a free Carré Voyageurs Backpack when you spend $250 or more on Carré at Culture Kings.

Carré is a streetwear label based out of Paris who have grown to become Culture Kings' best-selling brand. Their collection ranges from headwear to tops, outerwear, bottoms and accessories including watches and backpacks.

For every $250 or more spent at Culture Kings on Carré you will also receive a Carré Voyageurs Backpack for a limited time only while stocks last.

The primary feature of this backpack is it's built-in power pack allowing you to charge your phone on the go. The 10,000mAh power pack can hold over five full phone charges before needing to be reconnected to a power supply. The charging port sits on the outside of the bag so you don't have to deal with any hanging cords getting in the way. 

Carré Voyageurs Backpack

The Carré Voyageurs Backpack is designed with high quality materials and design as the first priority but has also managed to seamlessly incorporate practical features to create a stylish and functional backpack.

Shop Carré in stores and online at Culture Kings today and spend $250 or more to claim your Voyageurs Backpack for FREE.

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