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Exclusive Interview With Adam Le Simmons

Exclusive Interview With Adam Le Simmons

Recently we had LA-based MUA Adam Le Simmons visit Culture Kings Pacific Fair to see the store and make over one lucky competition winner. While he was in-store, we copped an exclusive interview with him!

How long have you been doing makeup for?

10 years

Have you been professional for all that time?

I wouldn't consider myself a professional, I just kinda do it. 

Is your fan base International or predominately American?

Actually, I would say 75% of my fan base is from Australia or NZ. I think that's because of my Polynesian background. I don't have any family here but I wanna move here! I feel it's where I belong. 

Who are the famous people you've done makeup for?

I mostly do reality stars and Insta girls, but I've done makeup for some celebrities like Ashanti. 

How do you think Social Media has helped your career?

Social media is one of the strongest tools alongside word of mouth. People are able to see your work first hand which is great. Social media is how some of the bigger names got started as you can create a fan base on other side of the world.

Have you had any challenges with Social Media? 

Absolutely, at the same time you get love you get hate. There's always someone better, someone with more exposure, so it's always a back and forth. 

What's it like being a male in the makeup industry?

It's not even about just being a male, being an Islander male is even more difficult because we have such manly facafde. It's always been an issue for me, but it's also been a blessing because no one else is doing it, so I'm gonna dominate. 

Also, with a male's perspective, I'm able to really make a girl look what I think is beautiful, whereas some girl MUAs can do the makeup so the girl doesn't look as pretty as themselves. I don't have any of that competition. 

Do you know a lot of other male MUAs?

In LA there are a lot of male artists, but I've never met any that were straight. I guess again that's where I'm different. 


How did you get started?

I have three younger sisters and one older brother, so growing up my mum would have my brother and I doing our sister's hair before school. As the years went on, I got more creative with it, and by the time I was in high school, I had friends asking me to do hair for dances and they would pay me $20. 

Do you still do hair?

I do both! I just get booked more for makeup as it's a little more transformative. 

When did you become a full-time MUA?

5 years ago I still worked full time in a regular job and did this on the weekends. It was an upward slope but five years ago I was able to transition into this full-time. 

A lot of people think if they haven't made it yet, they never will, but I always say to trust the process. 

Do you have a studio?

No, I don't, I just freelance. It's kinda cool though, I like it. 

How much of your collection to you have with you here today?

This is probably a tenth of what I actually own. These are my holy grail products and I try and keep everything else in a storage area. It doesn't take up a room. 

Do you have any tips for people like you?

If you're a male trying to get into the industry, do anything that is not expected and push on. Don't do it for the popularity or the clientele, do it for what you're passionate about. My passion is the people and the art more than the makeup. 

Check out the killer makeup Adam did on our competition winner!

adam le simmons

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