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Fedoras in Streetwear for Spring 2015

Fedoras in Streetwear for Spring 2015

First made popular for men when Prince Edward wore the center-creased, soft-brimmed hat in the 1920's, fedoras have been used for decades to protect the wearer’s head from unpredictable winter weather. This silhouette was originally made from soft felt and had a low, tapered crown. Yet today it comes in a wide variety of brim widths, materials and crown types, and even the positioning of the ‘pinch’ can vary.
No matter what style of hat you decide to add to your collection this season, remember to keep in mind your existing wardrobe and personal style. We recommend opting for something neutral and timeless that you’ll be able to wear from your Monday morning commute to your Sunday evening stroll through the park.
A black fedora is the ideal choice for every classic man this season, seeing as it will go with all of your tailored suits and looks set to stay on trend for seasons to come. Mr Simple bring their high quality and craftsmanship to a series of fedora's for Spring 2015. That said, don’t be afraid to make a statement by trying out a contemporary snapback or curved brim baseball cap.

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