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From Thing Thing Comes Para Pants

From Thing Thing Comes Para Pants

Para pants are just the latest offering from Thing Thing to land here at Culture Kings just in time for the winter season. 

The Thing Thing Para Pants feature a fresh spin on the drop-crotch design trend of this season, taking the drop-crotch to new levels of low. The Para Pants are made with a stretchy fabric combination of cotton and spandex, making them the most comfortable yet and sure to give you the best fit. The elasticated waist is wider then before which also adds to the comfortable fit. 

Thing Thing Para Pants

The Para Pants develop a tapered fit starting at the knee and down before a thick-ribbed cuff finishes off the bottom of the pant leg. If you want a super skinny look with the Para Pants, choose the size just below yours; for a looser or baggier look, go up one or two sizes. The Para Pants come in three colours for you to choose from; black wash, light blue wash and blue acidwash

Thing Thing Para Pants

Add a pair of Thing Thing Para Pants to your wardrobe today by shopping in stores or online at Culture Kings.

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