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Goat Crew Damn Daniel Tee

Goat Crew Damn Daniel Tee

Daniel and his white Vans have undoubtedly taken over the world lately with a 30 second video that went viral worldwide. If you are wondering who Daniel is and the story behind the now infamous catchphrase "Damn Daniel", it really isn't that complicated. The video, shot by Daniels friend Josh, captures Daniel walking around, smiling, looking cool, and showing off his outfits. Unable to hide his amazement at Daniels array of outfits, Josh constantly chimes in with "Damn Daniel" and later in the video "Back at it again with the white Vans". The Video shot Daniel to instant fame and even saw him land a spot on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where he received a lifetime supply of Vans footwear. In celebration on this viral success, Goat Crew have released the Damn Daniel tee. Now you can hit the street with your white Vans and the Damn Daniel tee!.

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