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Goat Crew 'Trust No Bitch' Tee

Goat Crew 'Trust No Bitch' Tee

The twitter world blew up when Wiz Khalifa called out Kanye West for his speculated album titled ‘Waves’. In true Ye fashion, chaos followed and Kanye went on a Twitter rampage, unleashing taunts and stabs at Wiz and his entire camp. Amber Rose being an ex-partner to both men decided to get involved, making some controversial comments on Kanye. Followed by the beef was Kanye’s wife and current partner Kim Kardashian, posting an Instagram photo with Amber Rose. Of course, Goat Crew jumped at the opportunity and like a bullet from a gun, had yet another rendition of their ‘Trust No Bitch’ tee shirt series.

Click here to get your hands on this standout tee before they are all sold out.

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