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Golden Features Shut Down Brisbane

Golden Features Shut Down Brisbane

On Tuesday 14th August, Australian deep-house DJ Golden Features brought his nationwide tour 'SECT' to Eatons Hill Hotel in Brisbane for one hell of a party. Playing a mixture of old and new bangers, Goldy had the crowd going mental which may have had more to do with the drinking and recreational drugs, but the music was good too. Let's recap!

Tbh idk who the opening acts were because I was too busy trying to drown my Monday and Tuesday in vodka. But when Golden Features himself took to his stage - set up as a church altar complete with candles and a podium - we were all really feeling those 'SECT' vibes as the music began with his latest release, 'Always'.

No one was #feelingthemselves more so than the boys in the mosh we watched from up on the balcony - if men are good at one thing, it's organising a group of strangers to form a perfect-circle-death-pit for them to all run into simultaneously and fight/cuddle/dance every time the music drops. Every time. Every, damn, time. For an EDM concert, that takes a lot of stamina and I'm impressed.

The look of the night for the men was '80s speed dealer', while the girls opted for the classic 'my parents would be so disappointed in me'. An interesting accessory that seemed to be popular were light up face masks that were stylised like the Marshmello mask. Whether they were an ironic choice or people simply think all DJs are the same person is unclear.

The crowd, hammered from excessive consumption of the famous Eatons Hill drink of 'Kryptonite' (equal parts Smirnoff Double Black, Midori and regret), were rather taken to throwing their pieces of clothing through the crowd. We saw some perfectly good jackets making their way through the crowd to ultimately end up tied to a pair of crutches that were also making their rounds. In unrelated news, cases of hypothermia in Brisbane youth were raised on Tuesday night. 

Bangers played were 'Always', 'Falling Out' and 'Worship' from the new album, as well as 'Telescope', 'Wolfie' and 'No One'. This is the second time I've seen Golden Features and he really has a knack for making every song slightly different live to the recording so that you always feel like you're getting your money's worth seeing him in concert.

After us screaming 'One More Song!' as we pretended we didn't know he had a planned encore set, Goldy finished with a laser show which was dope as. Not gonna lie, when I saw him at Falls Festival in early 2017, a flare actually went off in the crowd and I'm kinda disappointed that didn't happen again. 


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See, I wasn't kidding.

Check out his latest album here!


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