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Happy Birthday Ötzi 🎉

Happy Birthday Ötzi 🎉

Ötzi has made such an impact in the streetwear world that it's hard to fathom that they've only been around for a year. Last year, Ötzi debuted their very first collection with a showcase at Culture Kings with great success. It didn't take long before anyone who was anyone owned some Ötzi pieces in their wardrobe and Ötzi kept adding and expanding their collection. 



Ötzi has become known for their classic, timeless pieces, established to empower, energise and encourage women throughout every facet of life to feel comfortable, yet confident. As a premium luxury fashion sportswear brand, Ötzi values attention to detail and contemporary style. Ötzi has combined considered design with practical innovation to create functional and versatile athleisure wear, embracing the power of simplicity and sophistication. 

“Ötzi takes inspiration from a creative and active lifestyle, combining the aesthetics and details of both streetwear and activewear. Ötzi aims to fuse the two to create pieces that are unique and challenge what athleisure wear can be.” - Amy Newman, Designer 

Check out our killer Ötzi Collection at Culture Kings!

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