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Men In Tights: The Ultimate How-To Guide

Men In Tights: The Ultimate How-To Guide

The concept of male leggings is sometimes unknown territory. Most people are unsure of how to style leggings and incorporate them into their everyday wardrobe. But thanks to brands like The Anti-Order, leggings will become a must-have item for every wardrobe in no time. You can now be confident in knowing how to merge leggings into your everyday streetwear with our styling tips and how-to guide below. 

The Anti-Order Tights

For the perfect transition from sports to street wear, style your leggings under a pair of shorts for a cool, layered outfit. Steer clear of heavier, denim-style dress short and instead combine your leggings with a lighter, sportier cotton pair.

Looser-fit shorts will work best with layering and will allow you to feel comfortable and confident. These tights also look best with a pair of low-cut sneakers, so stay away from boots and high-cut kicks when styling.

Finally, as seen below with The Anti-Order Anti Sprint Legging in Black and White, two-tone colourway leggings work best with a block colour layered over the top. 

The Anti-Order Tights

For the perfect pair of leggings, cop The Anti-Order Anti Sprint Leggings. They are the ideal pair to bring leggings into mainstream streetwear with their high-quality polyester mesh material for premium comfort. The four-way stretch construction allows for dynamic movement and the anti-pilling and breathable material ensure a superior quality garment. With the signature 'Anti' branding on the waistband, these tights are a wardrobe staple. 

For more inspiration, check out our Looks page. 

Add a pair of leggings to your wardrobe now by shopping online and in-stores at Culture Kings. 

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