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How To Style New Women's Ellesse x Culture Kings Tracksuit

How To Style New Women's Ellesse x Culture Kings Tracksuit

This exclusive Ellesse x Culture Kings tracksuit dropped yesterday. It's been designed with comfort, durability and, of course, style in mind. This insane drop has been made possible by the collaboration between Culture Kings and Ellesse, to design a product that is created for the modern woman. 

You might be wondering how best to style such a standout collection with the bright gold but don't worry - we've got you covered. 

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The jacket is cropped and the track pants have elasticised ankles, so wearing the tracksuit on its own is always an option. Of course, you can layer the jacket over a tee or a singlet, just make sure the colour is plain so the gold of the jacket and pants stand out. 

Ellesse Womens

When it comes to shoes, pick a simple sneaker such as the adidas Superstar. You want something cool but also relatively understated to let the tracksuit shine on its own. 

In terms of hair and accessories, go for something sporty but casual such as braids, and utilise gold-toned jewellery to really make those metallic panels pop. 

Ellesse Womens 

This fire is super hot, so head into Culture Kings in-stores or online right now to cop yours before it sells out!

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