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In The Bag: What BMF Belt Holder Jorge Masvidal Copped In Store

In The Bag: What BMF Belt Holder Jorge Masvidal Copped In Store

Jorge 'Gamebred' Masvidal recently turned up at Culture Kings Sydney for an in store appearance, causing all-round mayhem and lines up the block. The Badass M* F* belt holder delivered in every way possible, bringing an energy and hype to the store impossible to replicate, fans and staff alike were captivated by Masvidal as he made his way extensively around the store, caught up for photos and re-enacted world famous knockouts.

Masvidal copped everything from shorts to shoes, hats and party shirts, as well as everything else in between, clocking in at nearly $6,000. We've pulled the receipts and compiled some of the gear down below, you can also check out the full collection here to cop the same merch as Masvidal. Some of the standout brands were Last Kings - with a ton of hoodies and shirts in the list - as well as Carré and Saint Morta shorts in nearly a dozen colourways.

A New Zealand native, it's no wonder more winter merch featured in the list, but that didn't stop Masvidal copping some of Culture Kings' world famous headwear and footwear, copping the new Adidas NMD's, a tonal Raptors A Frame and number of Carré's Mafioso Shorts in various colourways, not to mention gear from Saint Morta, The Anti-Order, Adidas and many more.

A huge amount of fans showed up for the appearance, catching photos left right and centre. The UFC superstar drew attention from far and wide - you can check the full set of photos online at the Culture Kings Sydney Facebook page. 

Check out the full collection here and full receipt down below!

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