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Inside The Drake & Migos Tour

Inside The Drake & Migos Tour

Saturday night saw the opening of the tour everyone has been waiting for; Drake and Migos present the 'Aubrey and the Three Amigos Tour'. Basketball bets and Drake losing $10k aside, let's get into what makes the stage show so unique considering it'll never come to our home turf 😭 

Drake and Migos spared no expense on their tour, with a yellow Ferarri hanging in the air above the stage for Drake to perform in. 





Drake also joined Migos for their hits 'Walk It Talk It' and 'Versace', which marks the first time they've performed the tracks together. 





Throughout the performance of a slew of hits, Drake not only played his MJ collab 'Don't Matter to Me' but also covered the iconic track 'Rock With You'. 



During the performance, Drake also brought a fan on stage to compete in a basketball challenge. 



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