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Interview With A Culture Kings Videographer

Interview With A Culture Kings Videographer

Here at CK, we constantly get questions about our photography and videography. We pride ourselves on creating quality content that highlights all the latest and greatest in our streetwear drops, in-store appearances and events. We put one of our Culture Kings videographers in the spotlight and quizzed him with your most frequently asked questions. Let's get into it!

1. What's the best part of working for Culture Kings as a videographer?

The best part of working as a videographer at CK is that each day is never the same. There's always different content to be shot and the need to develop unique ideas when shooting and editing. We are always trying to keep the content fresh.

2. What is something people don't know about your job?

The turnaround time on projects is something that some people are surprised about. I'll shoot something and have the edit done the next day or even the same day. Like everything, some projects do take longer to complete than others but our timeframe for shooting and editing is usually pretty short. 

3. What equipment do you use?

Currently, I'm using all Sony gear. Sony a7SII, Sony a7RIII and a Sony a7RII are what we shoot on, using a variety of lenses both Sony and Canon. On top of that I use a gimbal which gets me those smooth moving shots.

4. What editing software do you use?

For editing, I'm using Adobe Premiere and every now and then I use After Effects for some projects. For still images photos, I use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

5. How long does a video take you to create from start to finish?

There's a variety of timelines for projects actually, depending on the number of pieces or outfits. If it's only a few pieces - say 3 or 4 shoes - the shoot time could be maybe 45 minutes to 1 hour, and the edit usually about the same amount of time.

Check out some of our videography below and make sure you hit subscribe on our YouTube channel for all the latest content from CK!

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