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Is Bhad Bhabie The Next It Girl???

Is Bhad Bhabie The Next It Girl???

Say it ain't so. Dr. Phil case turned cash me ousside chick turned rapper may now have a new role - "it girl" of 2019. 15-year-old Danielle Bregoli announced last week that she signed almost a $1 Million deal with CopyCat Beauty which, TMZ reports, made them more than $500,000 in sales on the first day of the promotion, as well as receiving half a million hits on their site. 

Not only this, but Danielle is also dropping a Snapchat reality show called 'Bringing Up Bhabie'. You gotta hand it to her, she has made a 15-minutes of fame situation into a very successful career. Is she the leader of the next generation of teen celebs? Only time will tell but we'll be honest, 'Hi Bich' slaps hard. 


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