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Is Culture Kings legit?

Is Culture Kings legit?

If you haven’t already got Culture Kings at the top of your retail hit list, you soon will.

As a world-famous streetwear brand, we've been kicking up a fashion storm in Australia since 2013, developed a thriving global online store thanks to Shopify, and we'll soon be setting up shop Stateside with the launch of our new store opening in Las Vegas this coming November.

Culture Kings exists at the intersection of fashion, streetwear, music, and art, collectively bringing together trend leaders and setters to showcase the best of the best in the streetwear fashion market. Known for setting the pace, we consistently secure and stock the latest ‘must-have’ pieces long before other outlets.

With so much furore behind us, it might leave you wondering, is Culture Kings legit? Or is it all just PR spin?

A Loyal Celebrity Following

At Culture Kings, we've long established ourselves as the home of premium streetwear, delivering brand exclusivity and superiority across our whole range, from footwear and outerwear to accessories and everything in between.

This exclusive stake in essential brand products has seen queues lining up and down the streets outside our flagship stores across Australian cities. It’s also awarded us a loyal fanbase of devoted celebrities who put visiting our stores on their tourist hitlist whenever they're in the country.

The Culture Kings Hall of Fame includes everyone from hit musicians to actors, all-star athletes to trendsetters, including Justin Bieber, Jaden Smith, Drake, Cristiano Ronaldo, Tyga, Wiz Khalifa and many more.

Culture Kings Reviews Speak For Themselves

Culture Kings receive consecutively high ratings on external review sites, including reviews (4.5 Stars), Facebook (4.8 Stars), and Product Reviews (4.4 Stars).

As a company, we're publicly listed under A.K.A Brands - the fastest growing global platform is known only for acquiring high-quality, successful brands with significant growth potential.

We've been featured in many high-profile media outlets not only for our highly successful business acumen and how we pave the way for eCommerce, but for our consistent delivery of a retail experience that sees a dedicated customer fanbase returning to us season after season.

So, Is Culture Kings Legit?

The short answer? 100%.

At Culture Kings, we offer so much more than a retail experience. Our in-store locations also offer exclusive entertainment activations, bringing the community together to share in the entirety of streetwear culture through music, art, and performance. We provide shoppers with the chance to win limited edition collector pieces and 'not for sale' items that you wouldn't be able to get your hands on anywhere else.

Our full product range is available online now, with global delivery, and you'll find many other benefits to shopping online with us, including student discounts and offers, limited releases and exclusive products, as well as multiple payment options such as AfterPay.

Oh, but there is one downside we should probably let you in on; how quickly we sell out of the latest, brightest streetwear pieces! You’ll want to jump on the website and hit our new stores quickly to avoid disappointment 

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