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Jimmy Kimmel Pulls Awesome "YEEZY Boost 2000* Prank

Jimmy Kimmel Pulls Awesome "YEEZY Boost 2000* Prank

Not shy of tricking the public, Jimmy Kimmel has once again taken to the streets of Holywood, LA to prank unsuspecting people with a fake adidas YEEZY Boost 2000.

Kimmel's team purchased a $12.50 pair of sneakers from a knock-off store in China town, then set to work building the "YEEZY Boost 2000" by gluing on fur and a compass to complete the look. It was no surprise that the shoe was a mass hit, with some people describing the shoe as 'expensive looking' and 'fresh.'

The final touch was letting the fans know that the fur was specially designed to feel exactly like Kim Kardashian's butt, which seemed to go down a hit and didn't deter the fans whatsoever.

Not the first and certainly not the last time that Kimmel will take to pranking the public, check out the video below and enjoy.

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