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Kanye Cost James Corden $45k?!

Kanye Cost James Corden $45k?!

You've just gotta love Kanye. He's such a #creative and is only interested in doing what he wants to do. We know that Kanye wanted to do the infamous Carpool Karaoke with James Corden, and back in 2016 Corden said: "Kanye has been booked to do Carpool Karaoke now twice and both times something came up." Now, we finally know why there hasn't been a Yeezy carpool as yet. 

Kris Jenner went on Corden's show to play Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts, and she asked Corden why Kanye wasn't singing some karaoke on the show.  

"I can answer this easily," Corden answered. "This is a great question for me. He's cancelled twice, maybe even three times. He cancelled once as I was turning the corner to his house. I was in a car and by the time the call finished I was sat outside his house and they were like, 'He's not in the zone for it right now, we'll do it another time.'"

After this, he gave Corden a flower cube (the Kardashian/West clan love these things, don't they?) and a pair of Yeezys. Corden said: "People were like, 'Whoa, they're so expensive!' and I was like, 'Yeah, they cost my show $45,000!' but we love him. He's my dream, he knows that. He's my absolute dream." 

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