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Kanye Defends Too-Small Slides By Saying He Wore Them The Japanese Way

Kanye Defends Too-Small Slides By Saying He Wore Them The Japanese Way

When Kanye West rocked up to 2Chainz' wedding in a pair of new Yeezy slides that were 2 sizes too small, he instantly became a meme. As if he wouldn't - you can't take a seafoam green Louis Vuitton suit designed by Virgil Abloh and then pair it with something with velcro on it. 

According to Kanye though, you can. The rapper posted to explain his choice, saying he wore his slides the "Japanese way". The purpose? To prevent you from stepping on the hem of your formal wear. 



Abloh was also up to defend his friend, by saying"  “That was the most important outfit of recent memory. It gave me hope after all the oversaturation of fashion where every two weeks there a new It shoe. He and I are fans of fashion and are obviously self-taught. We both got to a place where we were able to make these things and make them in our image. And to me, that image is as important as all of the Black women on the September covers […] I think when people focus on something as small as the sandal, they might lose the bigger picture. Our heads are down and we’re creating, we’ve been trailblazing since before.”

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Header image from KokoLife.com

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