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Kanye Says "Leave Elon Musk The Fuck Alone"

Kanye Says "Leave Elon Musk The Fuck Alone"

Kanye West’s tour of "pageantry" made a stop at a Detroit art school on Tuesday., where he proceeded to get up on a table and rant about former Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Yes, it's crazy. No, I'm not making this up. 



Ye says: “Elon Musk? I don’t care who’s over at his house, leave that man the f*ck alone,” Kanye told students at the College for Creative Studies. “Leave that man the fuck alone.”

Assumedly, Kanye is talking about the Azealia Banks/Elon Musk/Grimes drama when Banks claimed she was trapped in his house while he did drugs upstairs #powermove

After this and much more rich-person drama, Musk is facing some security fraud legalities. 

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