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Kanye West Has Dropped New Track And It's... Interesting

Kanye West Has Dropped New Track And It's... Interesting

If you read our last post all about Yeezy's Twitter breakdown, news about him releasing music that is essentially gibberish probably doesn't come as a surprise. His latest antics started with Ye announcing he is going to use a picture of his late mother's plastic surgeon as the cover of his new album. 

Kanye West Twitter

The surgeon, Dr Jan Adams, performed liposuction and breast reduction procedures on Donda West in November 2007 before she passed the next day. Her death was due to a combination of coronary artery disease and post-op complications. So, it definitely seems like an interesting choice of album artwork. 

It doesn't end there, though...

Kanye then announced a new song titled 'Lift Yourself' that would be available to stream via his website, and I kid you not, these are the exact lyrics he spits in his verse:

"Poopidy scoop, scoopdiddy whoop, whoop, di scoop, di poop, poop di scoop di scoop di whoop, whoopidy scoop woop poop, poop diddy whoop scoop, poop! Poop! Scoop diddy whoop, whoop diddy scoop, whoop diddy scoop poop."

I love Kanye as much as the next guy, but really? Is he being ironic or is he serious? Who knows with Yeezy - the only thing we know is that this saga is far from over. 

Header image sourced from nssmag.com

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