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Kanye West Slammed By Comments From Nicki Minaj

Kanye West Slammed By Comments From Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is apparently fed up of racial double standards in pop culture. Minaj took shots at Kanye West as she accused him of having double standards by marrying Kim Kardashian. Minaj claims West is going against his lyrics from the hit song 'Gold Digger' by marrying the reality tv star. Kanye has a dig in the song to black men who leave their partners for a white girl, something that he himself has now done. In her own words “I’m so tired of black women feeling that when our men get rich, they’re going to leave them for a woman of a different race,” The Sun reports. “It wasn’t funny when Kanye said [in Gold Digger], ‘When he get on, he’ll leave your ass for a white girl’, and Kanye happens to be with a white girl now. It wasn’t funny when he said it; it was the f***ing truth.” Nicki Minaj clearly has some strong feelings on Kanye doing a complete 180 on his previous comments and isn't afraid to let the whole world know.

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