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Karl Kani Is Bringing That Heat 🔥

Karl Kani Is Bringing That Heat 🔥

World famous brand Karl Kani is renown throughout the hip-hop world as the go-to for killer streetwear. Celebrities and artists worldwide are constantly seen wearing fire fits from Karl Kani, and now you can join them by heading to your nearest Culture Kings. 

Available right now, cop seven fresh styles of tee from the prolific Karl Kani, perfect for layering throughout the winter. These crew neck, short sleeve tees all have standout striped colourways and straight hemlines. Try the TUPAC tee in red with 'Kani' embroidered in gold, the thicker Y/D stripe with blue, red, grey and white, Y/D stripe tee in blue/yellow, the Y/D stripe in yellow/navy, or the Y/D stripes in white, crimson and black that come with colourful horizontal stripes. 

Karl Kani, real name Carl Williams, oversees his billion dollar industry, inspired by his love of hip-hop culture and music. He was the first to develop the baggy jean concept and the first designer to host a fashion show at the White House during President Bill Clinton's term. Today, Karl Kani as a brand is available across more than 25 countries and now is available for you to rock at Culture Kings. 

Head into Culture Kings in-stores or online to cop these fits before they disappear. 

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