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KD Says Warriors Loss Against Mavericks Was "Not Odd At All" 🤔

KD Says Warriors Loss Against Mavericks Was "Not Odd At All" 🤔

The Warriors suffered a huge blowout against a beatable game with the Denver Nuggets on Saturday, dropping 35 points below their competitors. This is the team's worst defeat since Kerr became the head coach in 2014 and its biggest overall since 2007. Considering the Warriors have been struggling of late and have had six games in Oakland where they have lost by 20 points or more, the question of "what's wrong" is being asked more and more frequently, but Durant reckons nothing is amiss. 

"It's not odd at all," KD said. "I think everybody in that locker room has gotten their asses beat at home before. I know this experience is different, how much winning we've done the last few years. But we're still in the NBA; guys have been a part of terrible games, along with the great games, as well. The good thing about it, we play tomorrow night, too."


While talking to ESPN, Warrior coach Steve Kerr tried to sooth the fans' fears: "Defensively, we were not connected. We weren't talking, and we got off to that slow start. And Dallas is always a hard team to guard. A lot of miscommunication—but we just couldn't pull together after that slow start, and we never could get any traction in the game. So, we just got to flush this one down the toilet and move on to tomorrow. Not much else to do."

Interesting perspective but it hasn't answered the real question - is this the end of a dynasty?

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