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Kid Cudi & Jaden Smith Making A Collab Album?!

Kid Cudi & Jaden Smith Making A Collab Album?!

In an interview published by V Magazine, Kid Cudi questioned Jaden Smith on a range of topics, even proposing a collaborative album. 

KC: Yeah, man! Maybe one day we’ll do an album, bro.

JS: Oh, stop playing, Cudi! I’ll have to get a few more albums under my belt. I’m going to have to grow—but that would be the biggest dream of mine. 

KC: It’s possible. I would love to do more music with you. I remember trying to encourage you to sing. I remember you were experimenting with it and I was like, “Man, just sing. Just do it.”

Also in the interview, the pair discussed fashion and pushing gender and race rules in the style world. Kudi said: “At one point, I got made fun of because I wore skinny jeans. I remember I wore a kilt, and everyone made fun of me, like, ‘Cudi wears a dress.’ It was just people being ignorant. But at that time, I thought, ‘Hip-hop is the most judgmental genre of music.’ Now, you can be yourself and do your own thing. This is what I dreamed the business would be like."

Cudi, talking to Jaden about his age and dedication, said “You’ve been a dedicated artist—it’s crazy I was the same age when I first started writing my first raps, and you were way more advanced than I was at 12. You were able to get in a studio and perfect your craft.” Interestingly, Smith's debut acting role was alongside his father Will Smith in 'Pursuit of Happyness', which Cudi says was  "really impactful—it’s one of my favourites and is definitely something that touched me. I’d definitely say it subconsciously had a hand in me creating 'Pursuit of Happiness.'”

You can read the whole interview here

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