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Kid Ink Bouncing Into Culture Kings

Kid Ink Bouncing Into Culture Kings

Kid Ink will be touching down in Australia in a few weeks time and is set to hit Culture Kings stores along the way.

No stranger to Culture Kings, Kid Ink has visited Culture Kings in the past and is super eager to get back and touch base with his fans.
“It’s always cool to stop by Culture Kings and get one-on-one with the fans,” he says.
“I’m going to be doing meet-and-greets this tour so to do Culture Kings and other stuff like that is definitely going to be my way to touch down with the fans and chill with them and see how they’re liking the new music and see the new fashion and all that good stuff out there that comes with the Culture Kings’ experience.”

Kid Ink will be hitting the Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane Culture Kings' stores ahead of his shows in respective cities.

He says the main reason he keeps coming back to Culture Kings is because of the love he feels from the fans and the Culture Kings family.

“There’s always been love, not only just from rocking with them, but rocking the clothing."

After the release of his new single ‘Swish’, Kid Ink plans to bring with him a lot more new music during his Australian tour.  

“I don’t know if anyone has ever seen a Kid Ink show before but I definitely try and make sure everyone doesn’t get the same show every time they come and see me.
"So I’m trying to involve some new music, something different and hopefully some crazy outfit changes; some shocking stuff,” he says.

Catch Kid Ink in person at Culture Kings stores as part of The Holy Grail Tour.

In-store Appearance Dates:
22 Feb - Culture Kings Perth
23 Feb - Culture Kings Melbourne
24 Feb - Culture Kings Brisbane

Stay tuned for exact times on Culture Kings Snapchat CK Snapchat ck_brisbane CK Snapchat ckperth  ck_melbourne.

22 Feb - Metro City (Perth)
23 Feb - Prince Bandroom (Melbourne)
24 Feb - Max Watts (Brisbane)
25 Feb - Enmore Theatre (Sydney)

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