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Kyrie Irving Starring In A Horror Film?!

Kyrie Irving Starring In A Horror Film?!

Boston Celtics player Kyrie Irving will once again hit the silver screen as he has announced he will executive produce and join the cast of an untitled film that tells the story of Oklahoma City's Skirvin Hotel.

The inn from 1911 is rumoured to be haunted and the scene of much paranormal activity, yet many NBA players stay there as they travel for games. Some players refused to stay at the Skirvin and others claim that paranormal things have happened to them.

"Having had my own interesting experiences at the Skirvin Hotel, I connected with this idea immediately," Irving told Variety. "To work with Brian Grazer is a dream come true. I’m excited to bring this project to life with the Imagine Entertainment team."

According to the legends, the Skirvin hauntings began in the 1930s when a mistress of the hotel's owner died. Now it is alleged that her spirit stalks the grounds with multiple sources claiming to have encountered her presence. 

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