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Late Nights With Rosanna Arkle

Late Nights With Rosanna Arkle

Social media sensation, Rosanna Arkle is heading to Culture Kings at Pacific Fair Shopping Centre to meet and greet with fans this Thursday night.

The New Zealand native has over 3.6 million followers on Instagram and more than 6 million followers on Facebook. After moving to the Gold Coast eight years ago, Rosanna appeared on reality television show 'The GC'. 

Not gonna lie.. i had to google ‘Boujee’ on my first encounter with the term (Thanks Migos) .. Hip Hop terms crack-a-lack me up.. #MaBitchIsBadAndBoujee 🙋🏼‍♀️ Yeah she is.. P.s- Got something exciting in the mix with @culturekings - stay tuned ❤️ Edit* An abbreviation of the French "bourgeois." A critical term used to describe people, things, and places that are definitively high-class. Something that is affected, inauthentic, gentrified, exclusive, and/or otherwise sheltered from the dirt and grime of the real world. Example: Dick: Wanna go into the city? Jane: Yeah, I've gotta get out of this boujee town. It's become so gentrified ever since the new homeowner's association plowed on in. Let's get some tacos from that dude at the corner of Market and 6th. #urbandictionary 😂🙌🏽

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Since 'The GC', Rosanna has built her brand to become more than just a reality television star. With a strong passion for content creation and photography, her full-time social media influencer career takes her all over the world for work and play.

Don't miss your chance to meet Rosanna for yourself, in store at Culture Kings, Pacific Fair Thursday, 30 November from 6pm.

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