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LeBron's Team Are Meeting With The 76ers

LeBron's Team Are Meeting With The 76ers

Last week when Free Agency was approaching, we discussed where LeBron James would go after losing the NBA Finals with the Cleveland Cavaliers and also missing out on MVP at the NBA Awards.  It has just been reported that a high-level Philadelphia 76ers contingent is meeting with Rich Paul, LeBron James' agent. This is the 76ers opportunity to make a free-agent pitch to James, however, LeBron won't be at the meeting. 

Philadelphia can offer LeBron a $38.25 million annual maximum salary over four years, potentially partnering him with two of the NBA's best young stars; Joel Embiid and Rookie of the Year Ben Simmons.

On Friday Morning, Rich Paul informed the Cavaliers that LeBron would not be continuing with his contract where he was estimated to make $35.6 million USD in this his final season. 

The Los Angeles Lakers are also reportedly in talks with LeBron, however, there is no news on whether an offer has been made. 

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