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Lifted Anchors Limited Edition Jackets

Lifted Anchors Limited Edition Jackets

Lifted Anchors is a brand and a state of mind. With inspiration slapped on their backs, LA set off to push these wise words they live by… 'By lifting it’s anchor, a ship is capable to move forward and reach it’s destination without anything weighing it down. We are the captain of our dreams, it’s up to us to direct and sail them into reality, livin’ life with the forward progression, the never idle, and the always movin attitude that allows us to overcome anything'. This exciting new brand has released their brand new range of extremely limited jackets that really do stand out from the rest. Only 50 in each colourway were made worldwide so if you are lucky enough to get your hands on one then you can rest assured that not many others will have the same piece. Secure yours today and thank us later!.

Click here to see the jackets and pick up your favourite colour today.

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