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Lil Pump Wants To Work With Bruno Mars & Gaga

Lil Pump Wants To Work With Bruno Mars & Gaga

SoundCloud rap sensation Lil Pump recently sat down to interview with No Jumper to talk collaborations, his old clothes, partying and more. 

On Collaborations...

Pump said that despite working with some of his favourite rappers like Gucci Mane and Kodak Black, he is not close to done collaborating with big names. 

"I wanna do a song with Bruno Mars. I really wanna do with Bruno Mars. I wanna do a song with Macklemore. I really wanna do a song with him. Bro's shit fire. Oh, and Lady Gaga!" 

On Streetwear...

When asking Lil Pump what he does with his old clothes, Pump said he donates them to the homeless. 

"What's a homeless person going to do with a $5000 sweater?" the interviewer asked.


On Partying...

Pump said that he wants to meet the demands of working with a major-label which means he can't party as much as he would like.

"Doing hella drugs, making music, having fun. But what kind of took the fun away is when the label makes you want to put out projects and shit,. I ain't going to talk about it much, but once I drop this, I'm a free agent." 

On The Delay Of 'Harverd Dropout'

Pump shared the story of the delay of his recent album, saying he dropped his hard drive in a Calabasas hot tub and lost all of the work he had made up to that point. 

Check out the whole interview here!

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