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Lil Pump's 'Harverd Dropout' Album Review

Lil Pump's 'Harverd Dropout' Album Review

"What Lil Pump lacks in compelling lyricism and fresh originality, the 18-year-old makes up for in selling what’s infectious and trouble-free" - DJ Booth

Lil Pump's new album, ironically titled 'Harverd Dropout' (it was supposed to be 'Harvard' but was changed to avoid getting sued), sees Lil Pump recycle the formula that worked for his breakthrough track 'Gucci Gang', and I guess his shelf life is longer than first thought. If you don't take it too seriously, this is a decent album. 

He is the fast fashion of rap, relying on viral tracks that broke him out of his SoundCloud career into the mainstream and making them what he is known for. A mixture of catchy beats, whack lyrics and famous features turns this album into something that you can listen to, but it's not something super special. 

Most of the lyrics are focused on Pump being a drug addict (one of the songs is legitimately called 'Drug Addicts') and he brags about adding Xans to his wonton soup, learning "how to sell crack before I learned to read a book."

The standout tracks on this album are mostly those he released as singles - 'Racks on Racks', 'I Love It', 'Butterfly Doors' as well as the Offset-assisted 'Fasho Fasho'. 

All in all, this album is exactly what you would expect Lil Pump to release. 

Final Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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