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Mayweather V McGregor Press Conference 2: Boxing Is Dead

Mayweather V McGregor Press Conference 2: Boxing Is Dead

Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor met on the stage for the second stop of their press tour to promote their upcoming fight and it's apparent the people of Toronto have a very unified opinion.

The audience not only booed any MCs or introductory speakers but were also chanting "Conor" and "UFC" throughout the debate. 

McGregor was made to wait for Mayweather before taking the stage first with fury. "On the count of three, I want everyone to scream at the top of their lungs: 'f**k the Mayweathers'," he finally started. "F**k Showtime too."

McGregor was dressed up, once again, this time in a blue plaid suit. he got straight into the hard hits and not only tore into Mayweather, but Showtime as well. "You f**king weasel and you f**king bitch," he said, pointing at the Showtime team and then at Mayweather. "They trying to set me up at every turn up here ... but I thrive in uncomfortable conditions," McGregor said. 

"Floyd is an old, weak bitch. Sing it to me ... I want you to dance for me," McGregor said, honouring his Irish roots once again. During this, however, Mayweather was caught off to this side laughing, seemingly enjoying what McGregor had to say before quickly returning to his stoic look.

"50 stripper bitches on his payroll," McGregor continued. "At least Rob Kardashian only had one, he has 50."

You may remember when McGregor was in Toronto two years ago ahead of his fight against Jose Aldo. If not, McGregor chose to remind the crowd during his press tour this time 'round saying: "they said the same things then as they said now. They said I had no chance," reminding us of his epic win against Aldo and promising to do the same to Mayweather.

McGregor wrapped up his speech by taunting what Mayweather was wearing, once again, saying: "He looks like a breakdancer ... You're 40, dress your age ... Carrying a school bag on stage like a schoolboy; you can't even read!"

It was then Mayweathers turn to take the mic. He had a tough gig, however, as the crowd booed and chanted "Conor", despite Mayweather wearing The Money Team apparel in Canadian colours. 

"One thing we do know," Mayweather started. "The f**king fans can't fight for you." 

Although McGregor seems to be the clear favourite in Toronto with his age and strength behind him, Mayweather chose to remind the crowd of his experience and track record. "We're not talking about being at the top for one year, two years, three years, four years. ... 21 years!"

Mayweather spent most of his speech just yelling a lot of insults at McGregor and repeating the same things. He turned up the heat when he returned to poking at McGregor's sore spot saying: "You got the nerve to believe in a fighter that like to quit. This is a fucking quitter."

But the crowd continued chanting "Conor".

Mayweather did take the time to speak with White saying he respects hims and apologizes for anything he's said in the past.

It got more entertaining when Mayweather got an Irish flag from a spectator and wore it before McGregor got up and took his bag which Mayweather had used once again as a prop during the debate to flaunt his cash. When McGregor opened it, he said: "That's it? There's about five grand in there."

As usual, the conference ended with a traditional face off where McGregor could be seen yelling in the face of Mayweather while he looked tired and disinterested.

The pair will meet again in New York and Las Vegas for the remaining dates on their press conference tour.

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